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Assertion Severity 2.0 finalised, allowing dynamic XBRL validation

The XBRL Board of Directors has approved the promotion of the Assertion Severity 2.0 specification to Recommendation status, offering XBRL users valuable flexibility in applying data quality rules.

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Calculations, new formats, and Formula: latest technical updates from XBRL International

At this week’s 30th XBRL Europe Conference in Paris, our Technical Director, Paul Warren, gave an update on current technical activities within XBRL International.

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Flexible XBRL quality checks enabled as Assertion Severity 2.0 reaches Proposed Recommendation status

The XBRL Standards Board has approved the promotion of the Assertion Severity 2.0 specification to Proposed Recommendation status, helping XBRL users to apply data quality rules in highly flexible ways.

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Assertion Severity 2.0 enables dynamic approach to rule severity

The XBRL Standards Board has approved publication of a Public Working Draft of the new version of the Assertion Severity specification, and an accompanying requirements document, adding more flexibility to the rules that detect and highlight different levels of issues in XBRL reports.

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New XBRL Formula functions reach Recommendation status

The XBRL Standards Board has approved the publication of an update to the XBRL Formula Functions Registry. This update includes the addition of new draft functions to support the planned adoption of xBRL-CSV by a number of regulators around the world.

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Detaching XBRL Formula Rules from their XML roots

One of the most powerful features of XBRL is the ability to embed business validation rules into a taxonomy in the form of XBRL Formula Rules. By embedding validation rules, the taxonomy becomes a single, standardised mechanism for defining an XBRL reporting requirement, complete with translatable labels, datatype definitions, links to authoritative reference materials and […]

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Enhancements to XBRL Business Validation Rules

The XBRL International Standards Board has approved a draft of the Assertion Sets 2.0 specification, a modular extension to the XBRL Formula specification. XBRL Formula provides a powerful mechanism for embedding business validation rules in an XBRL taxonomy, helping to ensure data quality in reports.  It is common that in a large taxonomy there will […]

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Assertions Severity 1.0 Approved to Proposed Recommendation

*Updated* The XBRL Standards Board has promoted the Assertions Severity 1.0 specification to Proposed Recommendation, meaning that sufficient implementation experience has been gathered and it is believed that no additional development is necessary.

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