Share your Experience with Filing Manuals and Rules

Posted on December 9, 2016 by Dave Nitchman

A challenging question facing those who implement XBRL is how to best standardise the filing process itself. One tactic is to issue comprehensive filing manuals that lay out the specifics of filing rules and how to follow them. Overall, however, XII is strongly of the view that minimising constraints within filing manuals and maximising the use of taxonomies for this purpose leads to enhanced interoperability. With that in mind, the XBRL Best Practices Board is putting out a call for members with experience in filing manuals and filing rules to come forward and share their views about any of the following areas:

  • creating filing rules or filing rules manuals
  • publishing filing rules
  • market perception and feedback on their implementation
  • lessons learned

This information will be used by the Implementation Guidance Task Force to create online content for the benefit of the XBRL community. If you’re be prepared to share your experience, then the IGTF would love to hear from you. Please contact igtf@xbrl.org.

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