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Reusing taxonomies? Guidance now available

“Reusing an existing taxonomy” – does that make you think of software developers simply using preexisting functions from libraries? Think again! In fact, there is much more to it than recycling code.

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Share your Experience with Filing Manuals and Rules

Our view is that minimising constraints within filing manuals and maximising the use of taxonomies for standardising the filing process leads to enhanced interoperability. What’s yours?

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The BPB Bank Indonesia Case Study

XII’s Best Practices Board has published a new case study that outlines the business and technical considerations that went into Bank Indonesia’s assessment of XBRL as a reporting platform

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Developing Global Best Practices for Company Extensions

Announcing the “Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force” (ESDTF)

XII is forming a new task force to identify best practice for the handling of entity specific disclosures (ESDs) in XBRL including, but not limited to, the use of preparer extension taxonomies.

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Audit Data Standards Getting a Close Look

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) has submitted a proposal to ISO for a new international standard focusing on requirements for audit data collection. The aim is to address common issues, improve data accessibility and transparency, standardize collection and avoid duplicated efforts. The importance of this action and its obvious ties to our mission to […]

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TAGTF Releases First Public Draft of Taxonomy Guidance

The Taxonomy Architecture Guidance Task Force is seeking public comment on a new resource for the XBRL community – The XBRL Taxonomy Guidance Document. The document gives analysis and guidance on select taxonomy aspects that were chosen to cover a cross section of the challenges that taxonomy architects face, including the architectural choices for filing […]

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