New Guidance for Market Regulators

Posted on July 24, 2020 by Editor

The Filing Manual Working Group has been looking at the issues associated with the publication of different filing rules by regulators that seek to permit (but constrain) extension taxonomies.
Filing rules help ensure a report filing system works smoothly by specifying technical constraints on reports submitted to the filing system. For example, filing rules may specify which versions of the XBRL specifications may be used in filings, can specify size limits, and can place restrictions on how extension taxonomies should be constructed.

Following a review by the XBRL Best Practices Board, the Filing Manual Working Group has published a draft checklist of issues that should be considered by securities regulators and business registrars while developing filing rules for systems that allow extension taxonomies.

The draft guidance describes filing rules for different categories, such as those related to naming taxonomy components, constraints on extended elements, relationships in the extension taxonomy and construction of the extension taxonomy.  The guidance is expected to be used by data collectors defining their own filing rules, and is not intended to provide a comprehensive list of filing rules.

Please send your feedback and comments on this draft guidance to the task force.

Access the checklist here.

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