Report Package Requirements 1.0 Released

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Editor

XBRL International has released requirements designed to improve the process of combining multiple XBRL or iXBRL reports into a package without losing the references between them.

The requirements define a standard mechanism for combining multiple reports. This will be useful for creating portable XBRL reports, multi-report submission, and multi-report publication.

The Report Packages mechanism allows all the resources that an iXBRL or XBRL report is reliant on to be embedded into a single file – similarly to PDF or Microsoft Word documents. Bringing single file representation to iXBRL or XBRL reports will simplify the process of opening, sharing, analysing or submitting an iXBRL or XBRL report as the full contents of the document can be faithfully exchanged by copying, emailing, or publishing that single file.

Read more and access (and comment on) the report package requirements here.

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