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SBR expands northward

A new regional collaboration to investigate and implement Standard Business Reporting has been launched in the Nordics. Dubbed Nordic Smart Government, it aims to transform the way that data is collected and used between business and government as well as business to business. Initial efforts call for: A refined Business Case, starting by estimating B2B benefits […]

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State of Indiana takes first steps towards SBR

SBR or Standardised Business Reporting is a proven way to reduce red tape cheaply and effectively. The strategy is a simple one: find all of the duplicative reporting requirements in government, analyse the definitions that are similar but not identical, and work to conform or harmonise those definitions. If a government has five different agencies that collect information […]

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SBR is Spreading its Wings

Standardised Business Reporting  (aka “SBR”) takes an important idea: that clear reporting definitions, applied consistently across government agencies can reduce red tape and make it easier to do business. Countries such as the Netherlands and Australia have been showing the way in this area for years. They have developed the necessary collaboration mechanisms to allow […]

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Commercial Credit is being Transformed with SBR

Dutch banks ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank are leading the effort to shift corporate reporting to credit providers from paper to data.

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SBR for Data Architects: Service Oriented Reporting

For anyone involved in digitisation of reporting at a government level or that is embracing standardisation to simplify reporting across a supply chain, the principle of Standardised Business Reporting, or SBR is something they will come across, but perhaps need to understand at a deeper level. Now there is a book aimed at data architects and […]

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New SBR White Paper

With governments around the world forced to do more with less, and under constant pressure to reduce red tape, the number of countries considering SBR, or Standardised Business Reporting is on the rise, with Sweden and Finland just two of the more recent converts. In a new white paper from Fujitsu, the pros and cons […]

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New XBRL EU SBR Working Group

XBRL EU SBR Working Group. XBRL Europe has launched a new Working Group, co-chaired by Frans Hietbrink from XBRL Netherlands and Elina Koskentalo from XBRL Finland, to identify and provide guidance on best practices regarding the implementation of Standard Business Reporting. The overall focus of the group will be to educate those involved in the business reporting supply […]

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Tunisia SBR Conference

16th March, 2017

16 March 2017 Register now! Register now! SBR Tunisia’s first event will describe the goals of this new association. Experts from the Netherlands will share the Dutch SBR program journey with the audience and the main lessons learned for Tunisia to consider. A live demo of XBRL based reporting will be presented to give the […]

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SBR gets a Push in Tunisia

There is proven phenomenon of countries without significant telecommunications infrastructure “leapfrogging” landlines and moving straight to a robust mobile network. Could business reporting work the same way? Business reporting in Tunisia is currently paper based and not particularly comprehensive, but the government in Tunisia is actively seeking foreign investment and is under pressure to enact […]

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Cutting red tape and bureaucracy obstacle business concept as a group of scissors making cuts to symbols of government gridlock and regulatory confusion.

Can SBR Work in the US?

We’ve got some more news from our friends at the Data Coalition in the US this week. Their research arm, the Data Foundation, is publishing a paper in cooperation with PwC on Standard Business Reporting. An excerpt shared this week highlights the potential for SBR to reduce some of the costs to business for regulatory […]

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