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Washington DC

Next Steps for the DATA Act

There’s a a bright future for open data in the US.

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Big Data vs. Smart Data

The business site Forbes has a blog post this week on the problem facing companies with huge amounts of data coming in through multiple streams, which can lead to a situation where an organisation is “data rich but insight poor”. Adding to this problem is that data has a lifecycle, during which its value to […]

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New ways of collecting, sharing and using data. But is it a revolution?

We can’t help but notice that a lot of people in both the public and private sectors are starting to look at XBRL filing data in a whole new way.

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RBI Data Release

The Reserve Bank of India has released another set of XBRL data related to the performance of Non-Government Non-banking Financial and Investment for 2014-15.

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Officials Say Public-Private Partnership Key to Success

One of the key messages to come out of the Data Coalition’s “Financial Data Summit” this week was that marrying the private sector’s technical expertise with government’s capacity to set the policy agenda is what will move open data forward.

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Reserve Bank of India Releases Private Company Data

The RBI website now has aggregate data drawn from the 2013-2014 audited annual accounts of more than 250,000 Non-Government Non-Financial (NGNF) Private Limited Companies.

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Making Data Analysis with XBRL Easier

Check out the free Data Analysis Toolkit and webinar from XBRL US showing the possibilities presented for investors and analysts by XBRL data.

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XBRL US Launches Center for Data Quality

XBRL US and an alliance of five companies – Merrill Corporation, RDG Filings, RR Donnelley, Vintage, a Division of PR Newswire, and Workiva Inc. have announced the joint formation of the XBRL US Center for Data Quality to improve the utility of XBRL financial data filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Bellevue - Featured

XBRL Data Forum

15th September, 2014

Read a recap of the annual XBRL US conference.

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