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DQC Publish 11th Ruleset

This week the Data Quality Committee (DQC) published its 11th Ruleset for a 45-day public exposure period, set to end January 3, 2020.

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Trust, Access and Expansion

In a powerful keynote speech at Data Amplified, Leslie Seidman, former Chair of the FASB and now an independent board member and Audit Committee Chair made some key recommendations for regulators around the world.

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XBRL Drives Actionable Analytics

This week the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Chairman Russell Golden gave some insightful remarks on the development, utility and future potential of XBRL data at the 2019 XBRL US Investor Forum on Driving Actionable Analytics. Golden joined FASB at the beginning of the SEC’s voluntary programme of XBRL filing, and has seen the […]

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Leslie Seidman Keynote Presentation at Data Amplified 2019

Leslie Seidman first became involved with XBRL as the Chairman of the FASB, where she oversaw the development of the US GAAP Taxonomy. She also served on the board of Financial Executives International, where she regularly heard member companies say, “No one uses our XBRL filings!” Listen now to hear what happened next.

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Data Amplified 2019: Enhanced Analysis and Disclosure Research with idaciti  

At Data Amplified 2019 Emily Huang, CEO, and Christine Tan, CRO, co-founders of idaciti, gave an inspiring demonstration of the powerful capabilities of their platform to make XBRL data more usable and understandable. Idaciti have built an impressive piece of software that allows companies, investors, and analysts to efficiently dive into XBRL data, streamlining their […]

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Predicting UK Bank Distress with Machine Learning

The UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is working on machine learning techniques to predict bank distress. Using novel data sources, mainly confidential regulatory returns, this still experimental early warning system for predicting bank distress significantly outperformed other models. This development follows the Danish Business Authority’s machine learning-based Early Warning Europe, which uses large data sets from five European countries […]

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From Structured Data to Artificial Intelligence

Continuing on the theme from last story, what is the next big disrupter in financial markets? You guessed it. According to a recent Greenwich Associates report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to have a big impact, with 44% of capital market professionals saying that their firms are already using AI in their trading processes. Firms […]

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Collaboration, Iteration: Keys to the Shift From Paper to Data

At a conference organised by the European Commission (EC) and Deloitte this week, experts discussed the next steps for digital reporting for EU companies.

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IMF Explore the Rise of Digital Money

Tomorrow, when you buy your morning coffee will you rifle through your wallet for some coins or a card, or wave your phone? Or maybe send a text, or deposit a digital token? The way we pay for things is changing, with e-money challenging traditional cash and bank deposits. How should we think of new digital […]

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SEC Digitisation Benefits Met with Optimism

The SEC’s recently expanded requirements to report in Inline XBRL have been met with optimism, with the change being linked to increasing simplicity, improving data quality and use and enabling financial analysis. Craig Clay, president of global capital markets at Donnelley Financial Solutions, has highlighted how companies are looking to automate and streamline compliance reporting, […]

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