Items tagged with "Greenwashing"

Combatting Greenwashing: The EU’s Regulatory Drive

In today’s landscape of ubiquitous sustainability claims, the ability to differentiate between genuine efforts and deceptive practices is hard. Diving into the realm of EU regulations, Chartered Accountant Dee Moran explores the ongoing and upcoming initiatives aimed at tackling greenwashing head-on.

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IOSCO reports on supervisory action against greenwashing

Action on greenwashing has been accelerating around the world to safeguard investors and market integrity in the sustainable finance realm. The International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) recently published a paper shining a light on various initiatives in the burgeoning sustainability space.

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Investor concerns rise: 94% wary of unsupported sustainability claims

Perhaps unsurprisingly considering stories surrounding greenwashing, a recent survey by PwC reveals rising investor apprehension around corporate sustainability reporting. A shocking 94% of respondents expressed concerns about unsupported claims, up from 87% in the previous survey, highlighting the growing challenge of greenwashing.

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