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Colombia Business Registry Release

Superintendencia de Sociedades, the Colombian Business Registrar, has released its taxonomy covering the submission of financial statements for FYE 2015.

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UnionCamerere in Italy Registers over 900,000 XBRL Filings

More than 900,000 financial statements were filed using XBRL at the Commercial Register of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 2015.

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SME Benchmark Credit Risk Reports in Spain

The Colegio de Registradores (Association of Spanish Business Registrars) work with the Banco de España to provide a standardised bank credit score to SMEs. The score is based on XBRL company filings from the business registrar combined with benchmark data from across the EU.

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New Mandate in the Netherlands

The Dutch parliament moved on Thursday this week to mandate electronic filing of financial accounts to the Chamber of Commerce (the national business registrar). The legislation phases in XBRL reporting as part of the Dutch SBR program.

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Doing Business 2016 World Rankings Released

Of the top ten countries rated by the World Bank as the most friendly to business, all leverage XBRL to some extent in their regulatory reporting.

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Case Study – Danish Business Authority – IFRS in XBRL

  We keep you informed about mandates around the world, but there isn’t space in a newsletter format to give you the whole story. At XBRL2015 in Copenhagen, Theis Bruun Olsen, Head of Section for the Danish Business Authority, will share the experience of that agency in implementing mandatory XBRL filings for annual reports in accordance […]

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EU Business Registrars Meeting

7th September, 2015

The Danish Business Authority is hosting a one day gathering of business registrars to share ideas, feedback, experiences and insights on XBRL filing practices

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Danish Business Authority now publishing

The Danish Business Authority is now publishing more than 600,000 sets of company accounts

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Digital Signatures for Auditor Reports

A recently completed pilot program conducted by the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants tested the use of digitally signed auditor’s reports.

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