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A new post from XBRL International’s Entity Specific Disclosure Task Force (ESDTF) delves into the complex but crucial process of incorporating common practice reporting elements into financial reporting taxonomies like IFRS and US GAAP. The same technique can be used by analysts and data providers ahead of standards setters actions in this area.

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Enhancing Comparability with Anchoring

This is a post by XBRL International’s Entity Specific Disclosure Task Force (ESDTF). Taxonomy authors expend considerable effort identifying common practice reporting (CPR) elements for inclusion in taxonomies such as the IFRS and US GAAP taxonomies. Filers frequently meet reporting requirements that are not explicitly defined in the accounting standards by creating extension elements. This […]

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Italy publishes preferred national extension design document to assist data comparability

Italy has published lists of preferred national extensions for banks and insurance companies, agreed upon by a wide range of stakeholders. These will help filers add local requirements to ESEF reports, while cutting down on idiosyncratic extensions that get in the way of comparison.

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SEC Analyse Extension Use

The SEC have published a trend analysis of taxonomy extensions used in XBRL submissions, showing little change in the overall percentage of filers using extensions – around 18% – between 2017 and 2018. During the same time the number of accelerated filers using extensions did come down slightly, to be more in line with other […]

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Managing Company Specific Disclosures and Extensions

Making company-specific reports more comparable

To help with analysis and comparability XBRL International has published draft guidance on Entity Specific Disclosures — disclosures made in a company’s financial statements that are specific to that entity.

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Realizing The Potential of Structured Data

In this guest post from Mohini Singh, the CFA Institute suggests a number of measures to improve XBRL filing for Issuers and Regulators alike, in the US and other countries.

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Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force Gains Momentum

The Entity Specific Disclosures Task Force has begun the discovery phase of its work defining when best to use extensions and to improve the comparability of extensions and the filings that use them.

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