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Ukraine Leaps into FXO – country seeks to boost investment appeal through Inline XBRL disclosures

Over the past few weeks, some 4000 Ukrainian financial reports have been added into the XBRL International filings.xbrl.org repository.

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FXO refresh now live

As we mentioned in December, we’e been making some improvements to the filings.xbrl.org website, known internally and informally as “fxo”. The new version provides enhanced functionality for navigating between filings, entities and filing authorities, and makes use of hashes to uniquely identify and trace filings, including where the same document has been filed to multiple authorities.

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New ESEF filings and countries available: catch up on filings.xbrl.org.

Our filings repository at filings.xbrl.org continues to expand, and we are delighted to note that it now contains over 4,000 European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reports.

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We continue to work hard to improve and extend our filings.xbrl.org repository of European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) filings made in Inline XBRL, and we are delighted to be receiving an increasing number of enquiries from people interested in using the data.

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Well over 3,000 ESEF filings at filings.xbrl.org! Where are they coming from, and how can we improve access?

Our ESEF repository at filings.xbrl.org now contains over 3,400 financial reports in the digital, Inline XBRL-based ESEF format. Yet only a handful of countries allow reliable, efficient automated retrieval of new filings.

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Numbers on the up: over 2,000 ESEF filings all in one place

We now have more than 2,300 ESEF filings available to view, analyse or download at filings.xbrl.org. The inclusion of taxonomy packages in the XBRL Certified Software programme appears to have significantly reduced the number of packaging errors in this year’s reports.

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1,300 ESEF filings and counting!

Our collection of ESEF filings has tipped over into four figures and beyond, with the total standing at 1,365 as of 17 March. We aim to make it easy to find and access ESEF data, currently a complex process due to varying publishing mechanisms in different countries.

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XBRL US DQC offers guidance on warnings in SEC test filings

The XBRL US Data Quality Committee (DQC) has released new guidance on how to avoid and respond to warnings when submitting digital test filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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SEC officially launches APIs for enhanced open data access

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced the official launch of a suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provide free public access to filings data submitted to its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR) in XBRL format.

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Redundant labels and HTML formatting: concluding our series on ESEF errors

This week we bring you two final (for now) posts in our series on ‘ESEF Errors and Common Pitfalls’, from XBRL International’s Guidance Manager Revathy Ramanan.

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