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Data Amplified 2019: Governance of Reporting

John Turner, XBRL International CEO and Robert Tarola, Chair of the XBRL International Board of Directors, kicked off Wednesday morning at Data Amplified with an interesting discussion on the changing requirements for financial reporting governance in a digital reporting ecosystem. Tarola, who has an extensive background in audit, CFO, and board of director roles, demonstrated […]

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XBRL or iXBRL? Make the right choice!

XBRL and Inline XBRL (iXBRL) are two different formats for structured, electronic business reports. These formats solve different business problems and reflect the broad range of reporting requirements that can benefit from the use of structured XBRL data. XBRL or iXBRL?  This is one of the key decisions that data collectors need to make when […]

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Creating an Inline XBRL Report? Explainer Guide Available

Inline XBRL (iXBRL) enables a single document to provide both a preparer-driven human-readable presentation of a business report and structured, machine-readable XBRL data. The data format requirements for human-readability and automated machine consumption vary in some cases. For example, a preparer might present a date as ’30th September 2019″ whereas XBRL requires dates to be […]

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GLEIF Leaps into the Digital Future with LEI Digital Certificates and Inline XBRL

Giant Leap for Global Trust: GLEIF creates LEI Digital Certificates, uses Inline XBRL Annual Report to demonstrate.

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GLEIF Annual Report Demonstrates ESEF Taxonomy, InDesign Conversion

GLEIF Annual Report demonstrates conversion from Adobe Indesign, ESEF taxonomy multi-lingual capabilities.

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FAST Act seeks to Simplify Disclosure

More and more markets around the world are shifting to Inline XBRL. Interesting news out of the SEC at the end of March – the US regulator will introduce mandated Inline XBRL tagging for the cover sheets of a number of key documents. Already shifting financial statement disclosures for SEC registrant public companies (both foreign […]

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US SEC Votes to Mandate Inline XBRL

Regulator moves to require use of the Inline XBRL standard for all public companies and investment funds listed on US markets. Move will enhance flow of decision-useful information to investors of all kinds, will lower costs and simplify external reporting over time.

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SEC rules affect all US filers over next 3 years

Here’s some of the details from the recent SEC decision to move to Inline XBRL for US market participants.

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Asia starts to work towards switch to Inline XBRL filing

The XART meeting heard from both the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Malaysian Securities Commission yesterday about efforts to start to upgrade their reporting arrangements from “template” based XBRL to Inline XBRL for corporate reporting.

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More from Warsaw: ESEF and Assurance

At last week’s Warsaw meeting of the European XBRL community, Jon Rowden from PwC gave a talk on assurance and ESEF. To recap, once mandatory inline XBRL filings are being prepared by public companies in the EU, there is a need for independent review to help ensure that users (especially investors) can rely on them. Rowden reassured […]

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