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Mervyn King on connectivity in reporting

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has published a piece from Professor Mervyn King on ‘Stepping-stones for connectivity in financial and non-financial corporate reporting.’

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A Pioneer

Professor Robert Eccles has been hugely influential in the modernisation of corporate reporting, with a focus on many aspects of the way that reporting should work to serve both investors and society more broadly.

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Can Integrated Reporting Repair Trust in Business?

An article by Mark Graham, Associate Professor at the UCT Graduate School of Business, in Business Report this month highlights Integrated reporting (IR) as a powerful tool for building trust and confidence in companies – with a corresponding increase in company value. Integrated Reporting is supposed to fill in the gaps in current reporting, providing […]

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Breaking Out of the Paper Paradigm

The advent of the internet forced companies to update the way they shared financial information – however, their new websites didn’t merely replace paper reports in the post, they became an entirely new vehicle for communications. The new form shaped the way we consumed the content – and with the information age once again reshaping […]

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Indonesia Integrates Financial Reporting

By the end of 2019 Indonesia aims to better integrate nation-wide financial reporting, strengthening the coordination between different financial services with an initiative that will mandate digital reporting and data sharing.

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The Value of Integrated Reporting

How can Integrated Reporting (IR) reach its potential? Nick Shepherd, a Council member at the UK based Maturity Institute where he leads their work on Integrated Reporting, explores this question in an article on Economia this week. IR is a fast-growing field, with increasing numbers of organisations choosing to voluntarily disclose broader metrics. But is […]

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How Big is that Elephant in the Room?

Prof. Mervyn King asks whether new metrics for quantifying relationships could improve corporate behaviour and enhance levels of trust around the world.

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Integrated Reporting on the Rise

The Integrated Reporting consortium reports this week that IFAC has issued a strong statement of support for the <IR> methodology and that SEBI, the Indian corporate regulator, has announced that the largest 500 companies in that country are encouraged to issue Integrated Reports in order to meet their new mandatory Business Responsibility Report (BRR) requirements. Integrated Reporting […]

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“Integrated Reporting” Getting a Look in Malaysia

Malaysian Deputy Trade Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong called for the adoption of Integrated Reporting by businesses in that country.

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UN Committee Hears About the Benefits of XBRL

Delegates at the International Standards of Accounting and Reporting workshop as part of the UNCTAD World Investment Forum were briefed on the benefits of XBRL in Geneva this week.The program highlighted how to address challenges in corporate reporting, social responsibility, environment protection, and corporate governance. XII Best Practices Chair Ian Hicks offered his perspective on how XBRL supports […]

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