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iXBRL, or Inline XBRL, is an open standard that is used by millions of companies around the world to prepare financial statements in a structured data format that is both human and machine readable.

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ESMA Announces Inline XBRL Requirement

The European Securities and Markets Authority has announced that starting in 2020, public companies that prepare consolidated IFRS financial statements will provide them in Inline XBRL.

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New Opportunities for Accessing XBRL Data

Alternative presentations of XBRL data using JSON and CSV, along with the increased use of iXBRL, are creating new opportunities for investors, analysts and others to access XBRL data directly.

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Corporate Actions in iXBRL

XBRL US has just started to experiment with iXBRL versions of corporate actions. Check out this example that reuses the open source iXBRL inspection tool that the SEC contributed to and use themselves.

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XBRL Around the World

Data Amplified is your opportunity to get an inside look at how XBRL is being used around the world to meet goals both tactical and strategic – illustrated with case studies presented by both solution providers and regulators.

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Washington DC

Politics and Regulation in the US

Business Reporting is both a political and regulatory exercise, and there have been recent movements on both fronts in the US.

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US SEC iXBRL Data now Available

The SEC has accepted its first iXBRL filing. Follow the link to the SEC’s iXBRL viewer.

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More on the SEC’s Inline XBRL Announcement

We highly recommend that you spend a few minutes having a look at the SEC’s new iXBRL Viewer, which provides a “head up display” for the data and data definitions associated with individual disclosures. This “looks like paper, acts like structured data” presentation is easy, intuitive and extremely powerful.

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Washington DC

Briefing Note: SEC moves to accept Inline XBRL

The US SEC has announced a voluntary program allowing firms it regulates to use Inline XBRL (or “iXBRL”). This is another very welcome step forward in enhancing transparency and accountability in reporting.

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Duplicates in XBRL Working Group Note

A new Working Group note provides information on how and when duplicates can occur and guidance on how to tackle them in different kinds of projects.

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