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Data Amplified 2019: Explainable AI in Finance

Maria Mora, Principal Engineer on Artificial Intelligence and XBRL Expert at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, demonstrated the exciting work Fujitsu are doing developing explainable AI for finance. Financial services are demanding more advanced AI solutions. They want to apply AI to numerous situations that require high credibility, such as sales predictions, risk management for investment, […]

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Data Amplified 2019: SASB Advocate Structured Data for Sustainability Reporting

Madhu Matthew from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) gave Data Amplified an introduction to the importance of structured data to the work SASB are doing to connect businesses and investors on the financial impact of sustainability. Much sustainability information today is reported from a marketing perspective, in a glossy CSR report with rampant greenwashing. […]

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Data Amplified 2019: Financial Reporting for New Economies: To Structure or Not to Structure?

We are in an era characterised by the explosive growth of new economies. New, rapidly expanding industries on the cutting edge of technology are increasingly the driving force of economic growth. Think Amazon, Apple, Tencent, Alphabet, Alibaba and Samsung. But how can the value of new economies best be recorded within financial statements? And should […]

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From Structured Data to Artificial Intelligence

Continuing on the theme from last story, what is the next big disrupter in financial markets? You guessed it. According to a recent Greenwich Associates report, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to have a big impact, with 44% of capital market professionals saying that their firms are already using AI in their trading processes. Firms […]

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Can Standardisation Help Local Governments Save Money?

In 2018 Florida passed a bill that could require local governments to submit financial data in machine-readable format. California has recently followed suit, and the second version of the Demonstration Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Taxonomy, currently out for review, will also aid the process. But what benefits would standardisation bring? Beyond abstract accolades of increased transparency, […]

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Shanghai Stock Exchange Introduces Innovative Regtech

With the volume and complexity of data gathered by regulators ever increasing, RegTech provides an opportunity to automate elements of the regulatory process, improving efficiency, speed and effectiveness. The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s (SSE’s) recently launched Company Profile System does exactly that, making full use of digital reporting’s potential to reduce the need for manual data […]

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Structured Data Can Classify Your Used Clothes

How is structured data used outside of the reporting realm? A blog post from Ebay this week demonstrates how structured data comes in useful across various fields – and can even be put to use sorting out the contents of your garage. Ebay has 1.3 billion listings worldwide – an awful lot of very varied […]

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Data Analysis Reveals Inflated Pay

Why do companies disclose “Non-GAAP” or “Proforma” earnings and performance measures? Is it because accounting standards don’t provide a suitable way to measure and understand corporate business models? Is it because Non-GAAP measures better reflect economic reality, or, at least, the factors under the control of management? Perhaps not.

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SEC Proposes XBRL for Specialised Capital

The SEC has proposed reforms to the rules governing Business Development Companies (BDC) and Registered Closed-End Funds that would require these funds to report information in structured data.

The amendment is in support of the SEC’s implementation of the Small Business Credit Availability Act and the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. BDC’s primarily invest in small and developing companies, so ensuring these funds have an efficient approach to raising capital and good investment communication should help support small business.

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Auditing in the AI Age

AI has led to some predicting the catastrophic demise of the audit profession – however, as robots don’t quite live up to the job-stealing hype that’s been predicted, how will the smart machine age really effect the evolution of auditing? Jillian Alderman explores the reality of audit in the AI era in an article in the Graziadio Business Review this week.

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