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OIM reaches Key Milestone

This week saw the much-anticipated publication of the Open Information Model (OIM) specifications as Candidate Recommendations.

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How to handle Big Data

Central banks and national statistical offices have increasingly been looking to big data sets and analytics to provide new insights – but managing data of this magnitude requires new data platforms. This week a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) report breaks down how best to deal with big data. Novel big data sets – such […]

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Estonia aims to standardise Transactional Data

Following the successful introduction of the European e-invoicing standard, Estonia is looking to go granular and make some business data standardised and machine-readable at the transaction level. Part of a wider scheme called the Internet of Business (IoB), the project will use XBRL to standardise financial transactional data. The standard will be adapted to fit […]

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Data Amplified 2019: Granular Data – The Next Frontier?

There is increasing interest in granular data from financial regulators around the world. This means moving thousands of facts around – for example, dealing with transaction data within enterprises. To make sure this data remains meaningful and efficient standards need to provide new ways to exchange information. At Data Amplified 2019 Michal Piechocki, Member of […]

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Big Data? High Volume or Highly Granular Data? New xBRL-CSV Specification Published

The XBRL Standards Board has approved the publication of a Candidate Recommendation of the new xBRL-CSV specification.

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XBRL for Granular Data a Focus at Data Amplified

There is increasing interest in granular data from financial regulators worldwide. There is also an increasing use of structured data using XBRL taxonomies within very large data collections, including inside enterprises. Combined, these new developments mean that our standards need to provide new ways to exchange information in highly efficient ways.

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Understanding the Future of XBRL

Recently we updated readers on the progress of the Open Information Model (OIM)– which is well on its way to Recommendation status. But what will the OIM actually mean?

The OIM is central to the modernisation and simplification of the XBRL standard. Although XBRL is used extensively all over the world, allowing rich, structured data to be captured and used by businesses and regulators, the standard’s XML syntax is not always convenient and it often isn’t simple.

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Lots of Data? Need Quality and Comparability? xBRL-CSV is here

On 2nd May, the XBRL Standards Board approved a Public Working Draft of xBRL-CSV, a new standard for representing XBRL data using CSV.  At first glance, CSV might seem like a legacy technology, but it’s got a lot of things going for it.  Firstly, it’s simple.  In fact, it so simple that it’s supported just […]

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