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Assertions Severity 1.0 Approved to Proposed Recommendation

*Updated* The XBRL Standards Board has promoted the Assertions Severity 1.0 specification to Proposed Recommendation, meaning that sufficient implementation experience has been gathered and it is believed that no additional development is necessary.

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Democratizing Data by Making it Both Machine and Human Readable

The adoption of XBRL in over 60 countries has powered the evolution from human readable only filings in the form of paper or pdf (which is just paper on a screen) to machine readable structured data. But humans want to read the same information that computers have access to – in familiar, document form. Enter Inline XBRL (iXBRL). By allowing XBRL data […]

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List of Agencies Seeking Public Comment

XII and a number of other organisations are currently requesting comment on a number of items. We encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity and make yourself heard!

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XBRL GL Framework Making Inroads

The XBRL GL Framework is coming into increased use around the world as a way to standardize the reporting of financial and business information within an organisation or throughout a supply chain at a transactional level.

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Specification Update – Assertion Severity 1.0

  The XBRL Standards Board has promoted the Assertion Severity 1.0 specification to Candidate Recommendation status. What does that mean? As the name suggests this modular addition to the XBRL Formula Specifications very simply provides a way to attach different levels of severity to errors encountered when processing business rules. Now in addition to simple Pass and […]

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Key Insights into XBRL Specifications at Business Reporting 360°

Attend the comprehensive Technology Track at Business Reporting 360° to gain a clear picture of where XBRL technology stands today – and where it’s going to be in the future.

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XII Forms International Audit Data Collection (ISO) Task Force

XBRL International has created an Audit Data Collection (ISO) Task Force to act as a single point of communication between the XBRL community and the ISO during the ISO/PC 295 project

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XBRL Global Ledger Gets Multi-language Labels

The XBRL GL Working Group has released a package of multi-language labels to support the XBRL GL 2015 Framework that was released in March. The package provides full translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, as well as partial translations for Finnish, Canadian French, and Turkish. We are seeing more entities making use of the capabilities […]

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Taxonomy Packages Advanced to Candidate Recommendation with Call for Implementations

Taxonomy Packages make taxonomies easier to use by allowing for automated configuration of support software and additional meta-data that help users understand the way they are structured.

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XBRL GL Taxonomy Advances to “REC” Status

The 2015 XBRL GL Taxonomy has advanced to Recommendation status, meaning it is stable and is considered suitable for broad adoption and implementation. XBRL GL is intended to enable the efficient handling of financial and business information contained within an organisation, including the representation of anything that is found in a chart of accounts, journal entries or […]

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